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Getting Back to Family, Faith, Fitness & Fun

Hello, my name is Rhonda, one of the employees here at DNA. One of the things I love most  about our shop is getting the opportunity to encourage our customers. Wherever they are on their life's journey, it is amazing to see them getting active and healthier with every visit to the store.  My personal favorites activities  are swimming, yoga and a variety of fitness classes.  Although fitness is a big part of what keeps me going, there is one thing that truly gets me out of bed in the morning.  My true passion  is my youtube channel MaverickRX, in which I share with my friend Melissa Vidito. We started our channel about 3 ½ years ago as 2 ladies looking to have fun and inspire others to find their inner Maverick.  A Maverick is a unique individual who is comfortable in their own skin and is always working to create their happiest life.  

Over the past 3 ½ years MaverickRX has morphed.  We started primarily doing fitness videos, then we started adding a variety show of things. Mostly relying on the key valuable bits of our lives to create a simple prescription:  Family, Fitness, Faith, and Fun.  We have done videos of new experiences (ex. foot detox, spray tan etc.) cooking shows, mom topics, social media tutorials and many more.  One of the things we have always done outside the channel is try to uplift others, through our”booing” and “hohoing” adventures. (You can watch us in action of  those adventures on our youtube channel).

When Covid hit last March it changed things for MaverickRX, we were no longer able to get together for video shoots. So, Melissa had the idea of zooming live on youtube every morning for a “coffee clutch”, a way to keep connection going.  So, every morning at 8:15ish, we are never right on time LOL, we would chat, we would have guests from the community join us about 3 days a week.  It was something I looked forward to every morning during quarantine. During quarantine we were inspired to help in the community.  We did this through dropping gratitude gifts to people who we felt could use a little pick me up.  We held a very successful food drive to help fill local micro pantries with the help and support from our awesome friends. Then, we held a drive to help Guardian Angel services (a local organization that helps women and children of abuse).

  I can't begin to tell  you what it did for my heart to help these organizations and put smiles on the faces of so many.  As this was maybe very helpful to others, it did so much for me during this dark time.  We slowed down having our coffee clutches to not having any.  We were left trying to figure out what the next chapter was for MaverickRX.  We (Melissa and I) have struggled a bit lately with our motivation the last few months, we lost our consistency. We had created a couple new episodes then the holidays came and just fell kind of stagnant.  So, we met and pondered what’s next for MaverickRX? We both were missing our “Coffee Clutch” and said let’s get back to it once a week, so we are back live on Facebook at 8 A.M. on Tuesdays.  

We are in the of process of working on a couple new episodes but the big thing that we are excited about is we are starting a group, “Mavericks on Mission” (MOM, p.s you don’t have to be a mom FYI, LOL), we encourage anyone who is looking for some connection and doing some fun things and helping our community.  We have been really missing community and connection since CoVid which makes sense because as humans we are designed for community and connection.

So on March 13th we will have the first kickoff event here at DNA at 10 AM with coffee and donuts, please join us if you are interested.  We are looking to become a group focused on those 4 values we use as a prescription in our own lives : Family, Faith, Fitness and Fun.  We are looking to just have some silly fun, fellowship along with helping local organizations and charities. We plan to have an event once a month, we are super excited about this next chapter for MaverickRX.  Please like us on facebook, check out and Subscribe to our Youtube channel. Join us every Tuesday at 8 AM on Facebook Live for some connection on our “coffee clutch and if you interested in being a part of a group that lives a life of purpose and on mission check us out at DNA at 10AM on March 13th!!

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