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Adventure for One

Hello, my name is Angie Schoger and I've worked at DNA for almost 3 years. I love photography, writing poetry, reading, and anything that involves being active. I am a wild soul, and love being wrapped up in the beauty of nature. 

DNA has definitely been a saving grace for me. After I was laid off at my previous job, I did some heavy soul searching. I began going on hikes, exploring nature photography, reading, visiting friends/family more often, and even taught myself how to fish!  After the initial shock of being laid off wore down, I realized how much living I was actually doing.  It wasn't until then I could appreciate the extra time on my hands. I was doing the things that fill my heart. While wrapped up in a job, you sometimes neglect that side! If you are ever in the same boat, I encourage you to cherish that time. Learn as much as you can about yourself, and the things that excite you. I was finally taking "me" time, which I didn't realize how important and essential that was.  We live in a fast paced society. It's ok to hit the pause button, and give yourself some quality, calming time! Feel grateful, connect with nature, and renew your energy. It can work wonders =) 


As I was searching for a new job, I knew my next step would have to involve something that allowed me take pictures, explore, write, and do all the things I hold near and dear to my heart. Everyone always says "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life."  This couldn't be a more accurate quote. At DNA, I'm able to balance all my passions, and connect with individuals on a daily basis. Everything does end up working out, even though the ride can be a bit bumpy.  I had no idea at the time, but being laid off was a blessing in disguise!  Again, if in the same scenario, I encourage you to trust the process. Take comfort in the fact that things are getting worked out, and will in fact work out.  You must have faith and remain patient through the journey. 

One thing I love about DNA is that no one customer is the same. Everyone has their unique story, and reasons that bring them into our store. Often times, our customers provide inspiration without even realizing it. Sharing tips about a new trail, a race they participated in, or even describing beautiful places, is sometimes all it takes to inspire us to seek these places out.  I was looking at photos of Arizona for a few months, contemplating a trip, and was trying to match schedules with my husband. One day in early December, two customers came in, at separate times, and we started chatting about traveling. They both ended up being from Arizona, and we talked of all the places I was admiring in the photos.  I took that as a sign to book a trip... but I decided to make it a solo trip!  Every now and then it's important to reconnect with yourself as I said earlier.


My solo trip to Arizona was one of the  best trips I've ever had. It taught me a lot about trying new things and trusting in myself. It can be scary traveling alone, but also a liberating and life changing experience. I didn't have anyone to check schedules with, or worry if I was taking too long snapping pictures. I was operating on my schedule, at my pace, and filling my wild soul! There is something special about traveling solo. Hiking to the top of a summit and watching the colors light up the sky is indescribable.  The pure beauty and stillness, wrapped up in panoramic views is something you HAVE to experience! Other people are on the trails, but somehow you feel like you are the only soul in existence.  What is stopping you from taking that trip you have been thinking about? Do it NOW, GO, EXPLORE 


You shouldn't ever have to put off travel for a different date or until someone can join you. Get out and enjoy the journey. There is nothing like being out in the middle of nature, in the peacefulness by yourself, for yourself! I know I needed a break from all the noise, and that chance to soak in the stillness and pureness of it all! It's a gentle reminder of the beauty and magic that are still left in this wild world! Be brave enough to travel the unknown, and learn what you are capable of!